Why AoE:Online?

Individualized Learning

Students are assessed for specific learning needs to guide Individual Learning Plans, leading to a 6 year MS/HS Program of Study.

Benefits of the Online Experience

Benefits of online learning include: flexible scheduling, student pacing, and an adaptive school environment.


Enrollment is free to most families through the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. Call our Admissions Counselors to walk you through applying! Enrollment deadlines for the 2020-2021 are quickly approaching!

Award Winning Curriculum

BJU Press, an award winning curriculum, promotes critical thinking and a biblical worldview in rigorous and relevant studies.


Student learning is supported by admissions counselors, teachers, organized tutoring, and technical support. Achievement is our primary goal.

Future Focused

Students prepare for post-graduate success as they study and train for college, a career, or entrance into the military.