BJU Cultural Geography (4th edition) introduces the physical characteristics of the earth and shows how they affect the cultural development of a particular area. Missions is a common theme emphasized throughout the course. This program teaches your children how the gospel can be presented using culturally relevant messages. They can also learn how resource allocation impacts the cultures. By the end of the course, your student will be able to locate or identify every country and capital in the world.


BJU World History teaches brief, concise, easy-to-follow lessons that survey world history from Creation and ancient civilizations to the modern day world. The engaging video lessons feature dynamic teaching aimed at the homeschool student and integrated with useful graphical information to emphasize the major points presented. Survey the histories of Greek and Roman civilizations, India, Asia, and Africa; then continue on with coverage of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Reformation. Challenge your students to discover the forces, issues, people, and movements that God used to shape our modern world.


BJU United States History looks beyond facts and questions motives as it covers history from the discovery of the American continents to the present day. Segments offer glimpses into the lives of American families, unique historical perspectives, primary source documents brought to life, and dramatic readings of speeches.


BJU American Government analyzes the foundations, levels and branches of American government with special emphasis on the US Constitution. It applies this information to current political and economic developments. It also includes a new chapter on state and local government.