8th Grade

Eighth graders will explore a comprehensive survey of American history, and a fascinating look at Space and Earth Science being drawn into a new realm of learning, while Pre-Algebra eases the transition into higher forms of math. Communication is emphasized through grammar instruction, writing projects, and themed studies of literature.


Academy of Excellence invests in Bible curriculum in grades 1-12 that

  • Lifts up Jesus Christ by keeping the spotlight on Him and His Redemption through every Bible account.
  • Shapes Biblical Worldview emphasis by the ongoing use (in all walks of life) of the Creation-Fall-Redemption lens.
  • Helps teach best practices for reading through direct instruction using the Word of God at a level readable by the students themselves.
  • Unifies all diverse groups by giving an approach that keeps everyone learning the same sections of Scripture at the same time.
  • Provides resources that do not overwhelm our students who struggle with English and reading.

Presents clear instruction in writing and grammar, including an overview of the Writing Process and many focused writing activities. It reviews the eight parts of speech, five basic sentence patterns, usage, and mechanics, and discusses grammar elements such as participles, gerunds, and infinitives. Writing projects include a news report, a character profile, a short fable, and an in-class essay. Students receive continued instruction in:

  • Parts of Speech & Verbals
  • Sentence Structure & Clauses
  • Word usage
  • Mechanics & Spelling
  • Writing Skills & Projects
  • Study & Reference Skills



Offers a diverse compilation of stories, poems, and essays from a variety of authors and genres grouped by theme to develop critical thinking skills. Vocabulary glosses explain unfamiliar words within the literature selections. Thinking Zone pages throughout the book ask questions to encourage the student to think about literature on at least four levels: comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and appreciation. Students will encounter:

Themes – courage,  nature & man, family

Genres – fables, drama, poetry, short story, biography, essays, hymns,  Scripture

Cultures – American, English, Russian

Questioning – analysis, literal, critical, appreciative


Demonstrates how languages such as Greek and Latin have contributed to modern English. Games, puzzles, and reinforcement activities keep your students’ interest while building their vocabulary.


Pre-Algebra eases the transition from arithmetic to algebra. Algebraic expressions and linear equations are applied throughout a thorough review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and radicals. Students explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Chapters on statistics and geometry extend foundational concepts in preparation for high school courses. Problem-solving and real-life uses of math are featured in each chapter. Dominion through Math exercises regularly illustrate how mathematics can be used to manage God’s creation to His glory


Earth Science guides students in an examination of God’s handiwork. Affirming the young earth creationist view of the Earth’s history and disproving the evolutionary views pervading the scientific community and modern culture, the text presents an engaging study of scientific philosophies and models, meteorology, geology, and oceanography in view of biblical stewardship.

Foundations – modeling, limitations, biblical dominion, geographic info systems (GIS)

Geology – old & young earth theory, structure, catastrophes, tectonics, seismology

Rocks & Minerals – identifying, classifying, fossilization, weathering, soils

Water – oceanography, deep-sea exploration,  lakes & ponds, ground water chemistry

Atmosphere – composition, clouds & winds, weather modeling, climates and climate change

Heavens – sun – earth – moon system, scientific laws , planets, constellations, space exploration


The American Republic unfolds the history of the United States through richly detailed narrative and a colorful, engaging presentation. Starting with the discovery of the New World, the text traces the path of American history up to the present day. In addition to a historical account, American Republic demonstrates the distinctiveness of American values and government, and emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating United States history. This rich history is explored through the lenses of Geography, Government, Economics, Religion, and Culture.