Why the Bible Matters

Why the Bible Matters explains the Bible’s design and function; how the Bible relates to science, history, and literature; and why the Bible is vital in making decisions.

Publish Great Things

Publish Great Things presents the history of missions, emphasizes the involvement of laypersons, and addresses principles and procedures of missions.

That I May Know Him

That I May Know Him presents basic Christian living skills by focusing on the example of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospel of Mark.


Personal Evangelism and Discipleship

Personal Evangelism and Discipleship gives a biblical foundation and practical methods for personal evangelism and discipleship.

Walking by the Spirit

Walking by the Spirit surveys the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments, focusing on the Spirit’s role in salvation and sanctification.

Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith

Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith challenges teenagers to live God-centered lives and equips them to see the triumphal purpose of suffering.


Bible 11 includes the following 3 mini courses.

The Way of the Word

The Way of the Word teaches methods of Bible study, including principles of interpretation and application. It includes exercises that study a passage according to genre and context and that apply Scripture to contemporary situations.

What is Truth?

What is Truth? contrasts the Christian worldview with the basic tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, secular humanism, and postmodernism.

Beyond the Sun

Beyond the Sun presents an expositional view of Ecclesiastes, revealing God’s perspective on the meaning of life in a fallen world.


How Firm a Foundation

How Firm a Foundation introduces the student to how we got our Bible, how we know which books belong in the Bible, and how the Bible was transmitted and translated. It focuses on inspiration, canonicity, and authority.

God and His Ways

God and His Ways presents the five key aspects of systematic theology (God, man, Christ, salvation, and the church) in the context of everyday living.

In God’s Presence

In God’s Presence presents the principles of music as they relate to God’s holiness. It uses a study of Chronicles to illustrate the nature of music and to show how Scripture guides musical choices.