First grade students develop a lasting, enthusiastic relationship with reading and writing by using the BJU Press curriculum which includes phonics educational materials and reading lessons to help your students grow in reading comprehension. Other subjects teach handwriting, spelling, early American history, and the scientific view of God’s creation.


The Academy of Excellence has invested in a tailored curriculum for Bible in grades 1-12 that

  • Lifts up Jesus Christ by keeping the spotlight on Him and His Redemption through every Bible account.
  • Shapes Biblical Worldview emphasis by the ongoing use (in all walks of life) of the Creation-Fall-Redemption lens.
  • Helps teach best practices for reading through direct instruction using the Word of God at a level readable by the students themselves.
  • Unifies all diverse groups by giving an approach that keeps everyone learning the same sections of Scripture at the same time.
  • Provides resources that do not overwhelm our students who struggle with English and reading.
Phonics and English

Exciting theme lessons combine phonics, reading, listening, comprehension, creative writing, and grammar covering short and long vowels, single consonant blends, and diagraphs, r-influenced vowels, special vowel sounds, silent consonants, suffixes, and syllable division. Phonics patterns are also taught using word families. Phonics characters make phonics generalizations fun and memorable.

The following skills are incorporated:

  • Prereading skills
  • Listening
  • Oral Communication
  • Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Structural Analysis
  • Composition

Young readers are introduced to a variety of colorfully illustrated fiction, poems, plays, articles, and Bible stories. Reading selections are developed to incorporate phonics, English skills, service words, and word families. New vocabulary words for each story are introduced in sample sentences to provide context clues. Discussion questions and teaching strategies give opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and comprehension. Both oral and silent reading habits are developed.

Students receive emphasis in:

  • Phonics and Word Recognition
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Literature
  • Study Skills
  • Fluency
  • Composition

Students focus on application through studying generalizations, and using spelling as a tool for communication. Enjoyable guided activities help your student learn :

  • word patterns and generalizations
  • proofreading
  • dictionary skills
  • writing application

PreCursive models are introduced for the entire alphabet. Proper letter formation is reinforced by copying Scripture, poetry, words, phrases, and sentences with simple writing instructions for first-graders.


BJU Math 1 uses manupulatives and real-life experiences to teach place value, addition, subtraction, geometry, time, money, measurement, and fractions—all with engaging themes and characters. Writing equations, reading graphs, and other concepts are introduced as part of problem-solving skills


The BJU Press curriculum starts students on the path of scientific inquiry with an introduction to the senses, heat, sound, animals, and heavenly bodies–presenting God as the Creator of all things.

  • Earth & Space Science
  • Life Science – including animals, plants, and humans
  • Physical Sciences of motion, energy, and matter

The BJU Press Heritage Studies follows the events in the New World from pre-1000 to 1682. Your students will learn about the Vikings, Columbus, Plymouth Plantation, trading, Native Americans, and early homes and schools.

The following subject areas are surveyed:

  • Geography
  • World History
  • American History
  • Government
  • Culture
  • Social Studies Skills