Fourth graders will reinforce their confidence in their new skills. As they work toward better academic achievement, they will also learn to apply biblical principles to everyday actions. Heritage Studies brings to life great movements and events in American history from the late 1700s through the early 1900s. English lessons refine writing, spelling, grammar, and research skills; while science lessons explore the ecosystems, forces, and natural resources of the world.


Academy of Excellence invests in Bible curriculum for grades 1-12 that

  • Lifts up Jesus Christ by keeping the spotlight on Him and His Redemption through every Bible account.
  • Shapes Biblical Worldview emphasis by the ongoing use (in all walks of life) of the Creation-Fall-Redemption lens.
  • Helps teach best practices for reading through direct instruction using the Word of God at a level readable by the students themselves.
  • Unifies all diverse groups by giving an approach that keeps everyone learning the same sections of Scripture at the same time.
  • Provides resources that do not overwhelm our students who struggle with English and reading.

places an emphasis on English grammar and usage as well as practice with essential reference skills for using dictionaries and encyclopedias. Parts of speech and sentence structures are examined in detail to help students.

gain a mastery of grammar. The Writing Process is explained step-by-step to be implemented in a variety of writing assignments, such as a personal narrative, a research report, and a business letter.

Students receive instruction in:

  • Parts of Speech & Word usage
  • Sentence Structure
  • Capitalization & Punctuation
  • Writing Skills & Projects
  • Study & Reference Skills
  • Listening & Speaking Skills



provides engaging reading material for the 4th-grade level. Presented in a colorfully illustrated format, the literature selections and poems are designed to increase reading comprehension, build vocabulary, and develop an interest in reading.

Students receive emphasis in:

  • Word Recognition
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Literature- genre, character, plot, imagery
  • Fluency
  • Study Skills
  • Book Reports
  • Composition




introduces new words to master for the 4th-grade level. Word histories and etymologies are presented to build understanding and interest in the English language. Journal entry ideas provide students with weekly writing practice and the opportunity to apply proofreading to their writing. A dictionary skills section is also included to familiarize students with using a dictionary .


refines handwriting skills and reinforces a legible and consistent cursive alphabet. The worktext provides practice preserving legible writing while using an ink pen.


Math 4 will help your child understand math concepts in order to become a problem solver. It also aims to make math enjoyable with a colorful text and by incorporating fun activities. Each lesson is taught from a biblical worldview and will help your child develop critical thinking skills. Math concepts covered include addition and subtraction, fractions, multiplication and division, decimals, plane figures, data and graphs, measurements, and 3-dimensional figures


Curriculum allows students to explore creation through an understandable and engaging presentation of text, diagrams, photographs, and illustrations. It promotes higher-level thinking skills through brief writing exercises. The textbook discusses a spectrum of scientific fields including ecosystems, plants, insects, the eye, the digestive system, and principles of motion and energy.

Topics covered include:

  • Earth – changes, landforms, soil, natural resources, water and oceans
  • Space – moon
  • Living things – insects, spiders; plants, ecosystems, animal defenses
  • Human Body – eyes, digestive system, nutrition, skeletal-muscular system
  • Physical Sciences of motion & machines; electricity, magnetism, & light energy; measuring matter

Heritage Studies brings to life our history from the founding of America to World War II from a biblical perspective. The lessons include a study of the regions of the United States. A timeline has been added to each chapter opener. Chapter focus statements have been added to the history chapter openers. Locator maps have been added to the region chapters.

The following subject areas are explored:

  • Geography
  • Social Studies Skills
  • World History – World Wars
  • American History
  • Government branches & citizenship
  • Economics
  • Culture