Redirect your tax dollars
to your children's

Powered by trusted curriculums like Abeka, BJU Press, Monarch, Master Books, and more, 

AoE combines the flexibility of learning at home with the accountability and support of a private school.

How it works:

  • To be eligible for the scholarship, students must apply for an ESA by June 30th!
  • AoE is in the process of qualifying as an approved school for fall 2023
  • Approved students in AoE are able to engage in a flexible and accountable private school using trusted Christian curriculums used by millions of students.
  • AoE provides the iPads and technology needed, the curriculum, the virtual teachers (as well as master instructors), field trips, extracurriculars, and more
  • You (the parent) need to discern if a virtual school is the best fit for your student.
  • Find out more when you call 888-IOWA-012 or request more information.

Award Winning Curriculums

Using trusted Christian curriculums such as Abeka, BJU Press, Master Books, Monarch, and more.

Students First ESA

AoE is in the process of qualifying for the Iowa Students First Educational Savings Account.

Certified Teachers

Engaging classroom content and 1-on-1 followup with certified teachers help your children succeed academically

Why AoE?

Christian Curriculum.
Biblical Worldview.
Tuition Free.

AoE was founded in 2012 to reach students with quality Christian education, built on an integrated Biblical worldview. 

Since 2020, AoE Online has served hundreds of families with certified faculty, a Christ-honoring curriculum, the latest technology, regular assessment, one-on-one tutoring, fine arts and physical education extracurriculars, and field trips to cultural and Christian sites – at no cost to the parents through school choice programs. 

Stay tuned! We’ll soon have more information about the AoE Iowa and how it can transform your education.